Vilac Limited Edition Grey Piano with Scores

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Stock Arriving Early December- Pre Order Now to secure yours.

Limited Edition Grey Piano fromVilac. The Vilac piano features 18 keys 1 & half octave. Adorable little piano in  quality wood. A perfect gift for kids who love music and singing. The piano is very sturdy and the paint lasts for years.

  • Includes music sheets printed on thick cardboard.
  • Dimensions : 32 cm x 29 cm x 21 cm.



Does your little one love listening to music, singing, and pretending to play along?

Creative play with musical instruments helps encourage children's cognitive development and listening skills. Early musical education has also been shown to have benefits such as development of brain areas involved in reasoning and language, as well as spatial-temporal skills. If you'd like your child to have fun while growing and developing, this adorable red wooden piano by Vilac is the key. Featuring 18 keys, children can learn real scales and chords as well as making their own music.


Age group 3 +
Dimensions 32 x 30 x 25 cm


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