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A new spin on an old classic. This chess set can Ben taken with you everywhere.

Experience the glorious viking battles where each character has to use the best strategy to catch the King!

LA COUR DU ROI is a chess set like you have never seen before! Relive famous battle in the time of vikings where each piece is a unique character. Enter the king’s court and use your best strategy to conquer the kingdom!

The game starts with creative time where the kids sticker the wooden pieces in order to personalize each pawn and appropriate the game.

Long trips by car,sea or plane are more fun with "Les Jouets Libres" as you can easily bring your games with you.

Les jouets libres is a French teen and children’s toy brand that is proud of its “made in France” label and nomadism. Kept in organic cotton pouches, the board games are easy to transport. Particular attention to detail is brought to the design and modernity of each game. Les jouets libres toys offer creative, high quality board games with the products made in the East of France and the pieces made from real wood. These wooden children’s toys are designed to allow the player to participate and elaborate on the rules.


suitable from age 6

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