Lottie Dolls: Gymnastics Accessory Set

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Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Lottie has the power to be anything, to do anything, and to make the world a better place. She is unique and special in her own way.

After months of preparation, Lottie is competing in her first gymnastics competition. The apparatus she is performing on is the balance beam and she’s ready to show the world just what she can do. Can Lottie maintain her balance, perfect her posture and polish her presentation?


Gymnastics leotard
Competition number
Gold winner’s medal
Tracksuit pants

Lottie Doll not included


Nurturing individuality and creativity through play, Lottie's a wholesome, age appropriate, fashion doll, she's perfect because she's just like "me". 
A positive, healthy role model, based on the realistic proportions of a child's body, she doesn't wear makeup, jewelry, heels or suggestive clothing, she's the girl next door; cute, fun and adventurous
Lottie wears wonderful, age appropriate clothes with great attention to detail; her long flowing hair is silky smooth, comb-able and resists tangles
At 7.5 inches tall, Lottie has moveable arms, bendable knees and can stand on her own two feet (a useful skill for all girls big and small)

*this is an accessory set Doll not included.

For ages 3+

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