Djeco Parachutes -Girls Team

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Brand Djeco
Djeco have a wonderful way of retro revival! Remember these? Fabulous paper craft parachutes! Contains six girls ready for a parachute adventure. There are pieces of tissue paper ready to fold and cut creating the parachute, thread and beads to tie on and add weight. Stickers are also included to decorate each parachute and will also add to the aerodynamic capabilities of the parachute! Everything you need to get crafty with a fun activity at the end.

6 tissue papers
6 beads
10 metres of thread
3 sheets with paratroopers and stickers
instruction booklet
presented in cardboard envelope

Pack size 22 x 23cm
Age 7-13 yrs+

Product Djeco ~ Kirigami Parachutes ~ Girls Team
Product code DJ8771
Age 7 yrs+

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