Djeco Classic Games - Shut the Box

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by Djeco
Type: Board Game

It's time to play Shut the Box by Djeco. This quick game of stratregy is perfect for families and friends.

In the box:

1 x numbers box

2 x dice

1 x score book

To begin the first player, rolls both dice. They then have to flip down any combination of numbers that equal the total number shown on both dice. They then keep rolling the dice until they cannot lower anymore numbers on the box.

The winner is the player who ends up with the lowest score so the aim is to drop the highest numbers first.

Each player has a go and the game continues.

The winner is the player who has the lowest combined score, after 10 rounds.

An awesome numbers game that will bring out your competitive side and test mathematical skill.

Age: 6+

A madcap penguin race across the ice floe. The ladders will give you a boost towards the finish line, but mind you don't slip down the nets and get left behind!
A classic game of snakes and ladders but with a Djeco twist!

This game is for 2 to 4 players, lasting about 10 minutes.
Suitable from 5-10 years
Dimensions : Box 42 x 16 x 3cm