Djeco Goodnight Kisses Card Game

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Brand Djeco

A BEDTIME FAVORITE - Night-night kisses, or "Bisou Dodo," by Djeco is a fantastic card based game that you will want to play over and over again! It gives parents the ideal opportunity to spend some quality time with small children just before bedtime

This is a one to one game between adult and child, and quite  most gorgeous one we have ever found. 

EASY TO PLAY - Pull the tray out of the little box to reveal a little bed with a mattress and a boy or a girl lying awake in the bed. You need to collect the cards: the pillow, the sheet, the blanket and then the kisses, cuddles and tickles
INTERACTIVE AND LOVING WAY TO SAY GOODNIGHT - As you put each card back into the box you must do that action to your child. Night-night kisses is a lovely way to end the day, and after lots of kisses and cuddles it's time for bed!
A NEW BEDTIME RITUAL FOR EVERYONE - It has beautiful illustrations and the rules come in 8 different languages and is packaged in a lovely box with a sliding cover.
INCLUDES 32 CARDS - A great way of ending the day, this Djeco card game will last about ten minutes help settle your child for sleeping.



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