Belle's Basket Wall Sticker

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Belle & Boo invite you to go on a very special Egg hunt! When the little ones are sound asleep stick up Belle & Boo with their basket and hide the colourful egg stickers around your house. Children will have a wonderful time searching out the pretty eggs to stick in Belle's basket, perhaps there is a chocolatey surprise in store when all of the eggs have been found. If you keep the backing sheet it can be peeled off at the end of celebrations and used year after year like a seasonal treasure.

These self-adhesive stickers are printed onto an award-winning, durable, woven polyester fabric which can be stuck to virtually any flat surface in the home. It leaves no sticky residue, it won't shrink or curl and it even wraps around corners. There's no skill required to put it up and since it never stops being sticky you can take it down, re-decorate then use it again, making it perfect for your home and nursery.

Contains: 20 Stickers

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