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Djeco's gorgeous wooden cat award board is perfect for encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour.

This decorative ginger cat plaque has 6 tokens or medals. Each one is printed on both sides, one green with a picture of the task and the other a shiny gold medal with the task shown in full colour. Start each day afresh with all of the medals showing their green face and turn over to reveal the golden face each time a task is completed.

Here at Giggle and Play we love the simplicity of this reward system, as it will have a longer usage than some of the more 'involved' award charts.  Plus as the designs are simple illustrations they can be interpretted in different ways, i.e.the sleeping medal could be used as a making the bed award, etc.

The tasks featured include:

    • Eating

    • Putting away toys

    • Getting dressed

    • Sleeping

    • Brushing teeth

    • Bonus Medal



Age guide: 3 years+

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