Board Games

So Hygge. What is it? Well, it’s a feeling, it’s cozy and quaint. It’s a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, it’s playing Jenga with your friends on a stormy night. It’s how Danish people survive winter and stay happy. In Denmark, they don’t get much sunlight in the winter, so they have to stay sane somehow. Most of us would be miserable, but the Danes have it sorted.

Hygge in the home:
According to "The Little Book Of Hygge’, every home needs a ‘hyggekrog’, basically a nook. Somewhere you can sit and be cozy while connecting with family and friends.

It’s all about board games, card games, jigsaws,books, natural elements, warmth and great design.

Bring Hygge into your home this Christmas with these beautifully designed classic board games.