Princess and the Pea Mouse and Castle Set

Giggle and Play are proud to be stockists of Maileg's Princess and the Pea Mouse and Keepsake Castle Box set. Beautifully designed in Denmark along with other members of the Maileg family, the Princess and the Pea set introduces new elements of fairytale magic to the beloved Maileg mouse collection (including Baby Mice, Big Sister and Big Brother, Mum and Dad, Grandmother and Granddad, and more) that continues to join families’ homes around the world. Princess and the Pea takes the creativity of Maileg’s popular mice in matchbox beds to new heights in the form of six small mattresses upon which a darling Princess and the Pea Mouse daydreams and rests. Hidden within the pile of soft pastel mattresses is one tiny pea - hand knit with the attention to detail that Maileg is known for. Princess and the Pea Mouse is dressed for playtime in a sweet cotton gown and a shimmering crown upon her head – but is she a real princess? Only the pea and a child’s imagination will reveal the story! Princess and the Pea Mouse and her bed are housed inside a keepsake card- board castle standing 7” tall, 3.5” deep and 6 “ wide. Both a charming world to play in and a functional box for storing, the castle sits beautifully on the toy shelf when children are done playing. The castle’s interior is illustrated with nostalgic wallpaper and a medieval–style chandelier, re ecting designer Dorothe Mail- il’s appreciation for childhood’s timelessness. From outside the printed “brick” castle, a small window reveals a handsome illustrated gure waving from inside. Who could it be, but the prince of our princess’ dreams-come-true? These are the hidden surprises that expand upon Maileg’s storytelling magic. With Princess and the Pea Mouse and Keepsake Castle Box set, Maileg adds yet another enchanting piece to the magical Maileg world – one that is certain to take the leading role in children’s favorite playtime stories.


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